Sunday, March 25, 2012

Not much new, but yummy ice cream

The Britomart or downtown bus/train station
  After only goodness knows how long, Andrea and Andrew went on a date Friday night. For me this meant my first babysitting gig. Although, Mia's usual witching hours are from 630-8pm I was still excited and happy to offer my services. Mackay went to bed with no protest at his normal time (7pm) and then they were off to dinner and drinks down on Ponsonby Road. I made a lovely steak, tomato and spinach pasta, sat down with a glass of wine and enjoyed watching the Auckland Blues rugby team almost win a game. Shockingly for all of us, Mia didn't make a noise until it was time to feed and just as her bottle was finishing sterilization, Mummy and Daddy walked in the front door. We are scheduled for another round this weekend, though I can't possible expect another easy and quite night, I can hope, can't I?

Auckland Art Gallery
Saturday I was feeling a bit lazy, or maybe that was just a little exhaustion from the week previous. In any case, headed to the St. Lukes mall to see the Hunger Games. I was thrilled to learn that most of the movies aren't released until months after they have been showing in the States, but not all. I think the theatres, and the TV stations, wait for the movie/TV series' ratings and profits to prove their worth before they buy them here in NZ. What this means is that some movies and TV series never make it over and most take 6 month or a season or two. Thankfully, the Hunger Games was a sure bet and it was here on time for me to see it with the rest of the world. This may seem like a small thing, but I really love my movies.
The Sky Tower and other buildings in the CBD
CBD on my walk home
Sunday, with no plans made and some really marvelous weather, I headed back to the Art Gallery. Going back to the idea of art/museums/libraries ect feeling like long lost friends or even really like sanctuaries to me, it was peaceful and rejuvenating to met up again. It was interesting how much more I was able to take in the second time around. I got to thinking about how many millions of people have been able to view these masterpieces and how incredible it is to think that so many other people from all over the world and throughout the last century have had some special connection with them too. Since I have the season pass,and children are free, I am planning on taking Mackay to join us in that connection sometime soon.

The afternoon was so beautiful I walked down to the docks for some sushi and ice cream before walking home.  
Movenpick vanilla brownie ice cream
The Ferry Building
 Mia is doing really well, but Mackay is feeling a bit under the weather with some sniffles and a cough so we will probably have a pretty mellow (except for the high emotions that go with being sick) next couple of days. 
Our daylight savings doesn't end until Easter weekend and already it is dark when I wake up in the morning. The sun is back out, but just to visit, and the high humidity with the chilly wind are not letting me forget that winter is coming. 

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