Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wickets and League

  I am slowly and hesitantly learning (how to watch) cricket and rugby league. Having played and watched rugby union for so long I hadn't realized that it had a cousin. It is kind of hard to explain the differences other than it is faster and position is changed every six tackles. It is really a different animal.
  Cricket... is seriously weird when you have never had any contact with it. There are three different lengths of games: 20/20, ODI (One Day International), and traditional Test matches. 20/20 means there are 20 overs per team so basically it shortens the game to a couple hours instead of days, like in test. I have managed to learn enough of the game to watch it but not to appropriately explain it so I won't try. Anyway I am loving embracing New Zealand culture so cricket and league it is.

   I am starting to become very comfortable here and for the first time I actually wanted to listen to my ipod while walking to breakfast this morning. When I first started walking everywhere I felt so out of place I didn't want headphones on - which I normally love when I walk around; its live having a soundtrack to walk. I am feeling comfortable enough that I went out to breakfast by myself today. The joy and importance of eating great food can not be over stated. For instance, eggs benedict should always be served with fresh salmon. It is a pleasure I have never had to always have access to fresh sea food and I am already morning for my future self when I have to eat frozen sea food again. After breakfast I walked back home via the beautiful park that is basically my back yard. It huge and green and always full of activity. A lovely place to sit and read my kindle.

 I keep feeling like I am not doing enough, like I am not getting enough off my imaginary (and blank) checklist of life so I am practicing slowing down, doing whatever I feel like at the time, and realizing that is enough!
   The weather is so temperate and bugs few, as long as it isn't raining we are able to keep our doors open almost all day, everyday. This temperate weather is also conducive to fresh lined laundry which is a luxury I didn't even know I was missing.
 This week it seems like Mackay and I have really hit the next level of our relationship. He now gets so excited when I enter the room in the morning or on the weekends and asks for me when he's upset. He is also listen to me more. I am definitely feeling like I am really becoming a significant and beneficial part of his life and he recognizes it! It is very rewarding and emotional to have those feelings reciprocated.

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