Sunday, March 11, 2012

Seriously this is my life

Another great week. Before I get into my weekend I have to but a disclaimer or it will just sound like bragging. Mackay was pretty tantrum prone this week. Monday was easily the best day of the week and maybe of the time I have been here. We went to playgroup in the morning and took the bus to and from the library. I must say I feel that the fact that I am capable/ have a child well mannered enough to be able to take the city bus on a hot afternoon downtown to the library and back and call it fun seems like I should have some sort of badge of honor (strange, I know, but true). Tuesday we went to the Doman and War Museum. The Domain is this massive park in the middle of Auckland and the War Museum is really more the nature and science museum - both are beautiful. After Tuesday it seemed like we pretty much were in periods of tantrums and fights and short periods of blissful peace and fun. The Friday afternoon zoo trip went well but we were both completely nickered by the time bedtime hit. 

I have been bit, pooped on, water has been viciously splashed on me like only the fury of a two- year who doesn't want to wash his face can do, I've been peed on, hit, kicked, and generally abused, but such is the life of a nanny.

That being said....... I went snorkeling at the Goat Island Marine Reserve on Saturday. This is a pristine peace of the world about an hour and half north of Auckland. It was a bit overcast, but with the wetsuit  the water was fine and the fish a plenty. Snorkeling on its own is very peaceful and a great way to feel both at one with the ocean while being reminded of how particularly small and insignificant one person in the ocean really is. Snorkeling in a marine reserve is just that much better. I am looking into a few options for scuba diving soon as that sounds like even more fun! Au pair Link was put the group together so I didn't have to drive and they had me home in time to see Mackay and Mia before bed and have some tasty thai food with Andrea and Andrew. 

Today, I went do to the viaduct/wharf to watch some of the Volvo Ocean Race. I didn't know that was what I was going to see when I boarded the bus, but that is where my little feet took me. I actually had to google what I saw when I got home because I wasn't sure what all the people (thousands) were gathering and cheering for. The Race is a sailing competition that is considered the 'Everest of Sailing.' Eleven maned boats are sailed 39,000 nautical miles from Alicante, Spain to Galway, Ireland via Cape Town, Abu Dhabi, Sanya, Auckland, around Cape Horn to ItajaĆ­, Miami, Lisbon, and Lorient.. They started last October and end in July.  Pretty incredible! Anyway I stumbled upon watching "team Puma" ( I don't know who they really are) come in second to Auckland. 

Next, I went to Euro Bar and Cafe for bluff oysters. I had seen an add in the paper for a lunch special they were running by reservation only and thought "well I don't really know what that is but sounds interesting." Turns out Euro is rated one the top 50 restaurants in the world by some posh food magazine and bluff oysters are considered the best oysters. They are grown in the cold, fresh sand of the South Island instead of farmed on ropes. I added a basket of ciabatta and pukeko kumara bread that had NZ virgin olive oil (I could have just drank it straight), smoked pork paprika cream, and mushroom truffle cheese as spreads. Seriously, read that last sentence again. AND bluff oysters. AND two glasses of a New Zealand Marlborough country sauvignon blanc. I can not, can not possibly explain what an incredible meal I had. Easily the best lunch I have had in recent memory and I have been eating really ridiculously well. After I explained that this was me treating myself to a wonderful meal after a long week of nannying, the cute waiter took my picture and rubbed my shoulders for a minute - seriously!   To top it off, the bottom of the check said "Be Good. Take care and be kind to your mother. See you again soon." How can you not love that!?!

Then to complete the afternoon, I joined one of my au pair mates for a cappuccino with a slice of chocolate cake and matinee at the Skycity Event Centre. 

Seriously this is my life. 

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