Monday, April 2, 2012

Comfy Routines

After two and a half months here am beginning to feel like have figuratively slipped into my sweatpants. 
I will freely admit that I still get still get a bit dislocated almost every time I drive somewhere new. I don't like to use the word "lost" since I know generally where I am and I always get to where I was headed; it just takes a bit longer and I get to drive on a few new streets- "the scenic route" as my dad would say. I have yet to buy a street map- that was on my list of things to get back in January, but checking with google before I leave (or sometimes forgetting all together) seems to working pretty well and honestly I just can't be bothered (a kiwi phrase I have learned to use with regularity). 
That being said, I do feel comfortable enough to drive anywhere on my own without taking a map. I have stopped backing out of parking stalls into the wrong lane of traffic, and have stopped trying to get into the car from the wrong side. I now read my kindle on the bus instead of staring out in awe.  I no longer call it hamburger, its mince, hoodies are jumpers, diapers are nappies,  flip-flosp are jandals, the trunk is the boot, heck I drink afternoon tea and participate in Mackay's morning tea. I have forgotten about pennies, central heating and a/c, and stop signs. I measure things in kilometers, kilograms, and Celsius. It is possible I am on my way to being an honorary Kiwi, but I don't want to assume. Andrew did tell me the other day that my "drawl" has lessened, which I tried to take as a compliment, but had to ignore that fact that I don't have a drawl and that he talks pretty funny himself. I have noticed that I don't notice the kiwi dialect so strongly anymore, so maybe my "drawl" has lessened, too. 
Oh yeah, did you notice how I said I have forgotten about central heat/a/c. Well, there isn't any here. They do have heat pumps, but we only have them in the kids room and the kitchen. My concrete floors can be heated, but it isn't that cold, yet. What this means is that inside temperatures are not that much different than outside temps, less the wind chill factor. It took me a few weeks I confusion as to why I was chilled and it was like 19 degrees (66 F). Then I looked all around my room and noticed a complete lack of vents or heaters or the likes. This is really not a problem as I have a few light sweater/jacket options and the best slippers ever (acorns), but does give me a totally new perspective and respect to temperature. 
If you haven't noticed, from my rambling and lack of pictures, last week was much like the preceding weeks. Mackay and I went to playgroup, Grey Lynn park, Western Springs park (great lakes w/ fantastically entertaining bird feeding opportunities), the zoo, a coffee group.... we were busy and had hemps of fun, but nothing all that adventurous or new. 
I have been doing more baking, laundry, and cleaning than I ever have before and am totally surprising myself in my comfort and enjoyment of domestic life. I am not sure if something has changed in me at the cellular level or if maybe I am just really happy with life in general and the day -to- day activities that used to bring me so much grief are now just not so bad - in fact sometimes quite enjoyable. I am able to do a little yoga every day and a few runs in the park every week and know that these exercises greatly help to de-stress and level me out. As usual, I reading everyday and this week its Great Expectation, which has been entertaining and enlightening - nothing like how I remember it from junior high, but many things aren't. 
My weekend was equally uneventful: babysitting went well again on Friday, I successfully did my taxes (with some amazing help from Joe)!!, went to the CBD to met a fellow au pair for coffee and generally just hung out. On Monday, I donated blood (you have to wait 12weeks instead of 8 weeks between donations here). I only have a four day week before this week so it should continue to go quickly, and then I am off to the Bay of Islands for Easter weekend. 

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