Monday, April 23, 2012

Practicing Missing the Bus

A weekend at home to rest and relax went surprisingly fast and was just what I needed. I babysat Wednesday and Friday. To my utter amazement I am still running at 100% no-troubles-babysitting. Mackay for all his two-yearness is incredibly easy to put to bed and once is down is almost never heard from until morning. Mia is... well still working on being as wonderful as her brother, but at least is predictable. She is becoming more interactive and spending more time awake smiling and wanting to be held (for better or worse). 
Mia is the greatest!
Looking down Queens St
Saturday I laid in bed until I couldn't stand it anymore, just because I could, and then went upstairs to make buttermilk pancakes, yum. I did laundry and piddled on the internet for a bit and then bused down to the art gallery. 
View of Auckland Skyline
from Albert St bus stop
For unknown reasons to me, I have the hardest time getting to the bus on time even though I check the times on line, and know they run early, and its only a 4 minute walk... so I decided to practice missing the bus both to and from the art gallery. What I mean by that is that I was sitting at the stop, it was a beautiful day, and I was mad because once again I was waiting for the next bus to come in 25 minutes. Then it hit me (not the bus) that this is what they are talking about when they say its about the journey not the destination... the reason I was mad was because I had a plan to be at the art gallery in 25 minutes and how stupid was it that I was just sitting waiting for my destination to arrive. So I decided to instead pull out my kindle, soaked up the beautiful day and enjoy the journey - practicing missing the bus. 
Cardboard Box City (including security)
Walking to the gallery I passed this super cute city of cardboard boxes that was being put on during the school break in front of the civic center. 
As the library is next door to the gallery I checked out some books on the artists of the exhibit and sipped on a chai before visiting my friends VanGogh, Degas, Warhol, the Richardsons, and Freud. 
Sunday showered and everything but technically didn't get out my sweats until 6pm when I left to go to Sunday Chapel (Chapel being the bar and bistro around the corner) with some girls I met from Tongariro.  Just another week in paradise. 

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