Saturday, March 9, 2013

Back in NZ

  I must apologize for my very obvious lack of blogging. Not only had it become tedious and my adventures more routine, but I hadn't really though anyone was reading anyways. This notion was corrected when I went back Home a few weeks ago and was given words from many friends and family stating their frustration with my lack of communication. I will attempt to rectify this err; however, I must admit this prose is not the easiest, nor first thing I think to do with my free time.
  In an attempt to make it equally informative, but without so much time, I will at the very least up load pictures and captions of my tale.
 Since December I have: gone to the South Island to back country trek (which was a little more adventurous than I had expected or wanted with some terrible weather to boot), had a relaxing and beautifully weathered birthday, and spent the first weekend of February at the biggest party of my life, down in Wellington for the International Rugby Board Sevens Tournament. February brought about Mia's first birthday, followed by a trip to Hawaii with a friend on her way home and a week stopover in Colorado before returning on Monday the 4th at 5am and promptly starting up with work again a 9am.
 All is well here and the kids are continuing to grow, amaze and challenge me. I have signed another contract to stay on up until they find a replacement for me or 1 August.
Routeburn Trail

We needed a way to dry the tent

Te Anau

Kepler Track

Te Anau


View from our room

On the way to the Diamond Head Trail

Sandy Beach

Shaved ice from the North Shore

At the Dole Plantation
Fireworks as seen from our room right before I
caught the shuttle to the airport 
  I have two more out of Auckland trips planned for March and heap of rest to catch up on.

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  1. Thanks for the news!! Love to read these always :)
    (Your biggest fan)