Saturday, December 22, 2012

Summer Holidays

Its officially the Summer Holidays! That means we've been spending many hours by the pool after long hot, humid days. We have fallen into some crook weather as the fallout of a cyclone that hit Fiji last week brings clouds and rain for the Holidays.
The kids have also been a bit crook with an ear infection and a new tooth, but we are trying to make the best of it. All our activities are over until mid-Summer (late Jan/Feb), so it was a long week, but I am mostly done with work for a few weeks. Grandparents, friends, and family are going to be in and around the house as we are hosting xmas this year.
The Holiday season is in full swing down here, but it is much more laid back than in the States which suits me just fine.
I just finished a work out program I've been doing for a few months and will spend the next week conditioning for the hikes I start next weekend. We fly down to Queenstown next Saturday morning and start hiking Sunday. We won't be back in Auckland again until the 5th, after 90km, 5 days and three nightsof hiking and back-country camping.
The absolute highlight of the week (month) is that my application for a work visa was accepted and my contract here has been extend to 1 August 2013!! We are planning on having be home a few weeks before that, but will have some flexibility in finding my replacement. I am still going to Hawaii in February with a quick stop over in Colorado before resuming my contract in March.

Often I feel a general sense of bewilderment in my life and the path its on, but when some many amazing things just fall into place with such serendipity, its easy to know I am at least heading in the right direction.

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