Monday, May 21, 2012

Jersey Boys!

My muscles have recovered from a tricky and invigorating Friday night at a rock climbing gym out west of Auckland. I of course got a bit displaced getting there, but it was good practice at altering my attitude towards the inconvenience and irritation of traveling the scenic route accidentally. It may not have been every 22yr-olds prefect Friday night, but I loved it, plus I was home in time to watch the Warriors (Auckland's Rugby League team) play.
Inside the Civic is beautiful
Saturday I woke up to make homemade, buttermilk pancakes for the family (the have been voted the best in the house and Mackay inhaled about six!) and then I went back to bed to read and have a nap. A little work out and a fabulous dinner with the grandparents and some family friends made a very yummy and relaxing day.
With my "Fallen Angel" in hand
As an outing I did for Au Pair Link I wandered down Richmond Road for a little brunch at Malt Bar on Sunday morning and then aimlessly jumped on the bus downtown. I was, again, in a bit of an off mood so considered seeing a movie, but ended up whimsically buy a ticket for the 1pm showing of Jersey Boys, the musical! It was absolutely fantastic.  Having just decided to go without any prep or anticipation it was a bit less then it could have been - what I mean is I really can't say enough for the power or appreciation of planning and anticipating great things and then for them to happen, instead just stumbling upon them.
On the bus ride home I was contemplating the origins of my glum moods on the weekends. My week days are so demanding and busy, the recovery may be a bit harder than I give myself credit for. It is also difficult to balance planning exciting (and demanding) events for my days off and remembering to just say in bed a little longer just to relax.

Another angle I considered is that I am not entirely sure what is left of a person when their culture, family, friends, jobs, routines, home, and general comfort and convenience (that word again) is altered or stripped away. I think it leaves me with my values and self-nurtured resources and who knows what else. I also have a hard time understanding or sympathizing with myself when I am in anything but a happy-go-lucky mood, because I can't find a cause for any other attitude. I am so grateful for where I have taken my life and it is sometimes hard to remember and appreciate what that really means.

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