Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fairy Falls and the Sky Tower

It was a long and busy week to which the days seemed to have mushed into one another. Mackay graciously shared his cold with me so neither of us were our best to start the week, and Andrew spend the last 10 days in Germany for work. It was a long week, that easily could have been worse. Enough said.

Mackay and Mia went on their first trip to the Sky Tower with Andrea and I on Saturday. Being the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere and the icon of the Auckland skyline it is an obvious "must do" Auckland tourist trap. It was a beautiful fall day and the view was spectacular. What was probably better than the view was watch Mackay try to not step on the glass parts of the floor, that is until we 'stomped like an elephant' on them and he had deemed then secure.

A fellow au pair and I went back to the Waitakare on Sunday to hike Fairy Falls. As usual the guide book and trail signs over estimated our trip time by about double so it took us a little over an hour. The views and varied flora and fauna were well worth the trip.

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