Monday, May 14, 2012

Back to Routine

I can't believe it is already the middle of May and almost Winter here. Time moves differently when the year isn't defined by a school schedule, but by a two-year old's and the opposite seasons thing just seems funny. It is definitely beginning to feel and look more like fall so my brain just keeps thinking its getting towards the end of the year, not the middle, oh well by the time all these little nuances have become normal I will have to just switch back.
Mackay and I have kicked our colds, Mia is feeling better after her three-month immunizations, Andrew is back from Germany and Mother's Day celebrations are over so we are all gettting back to our routines - thank goodness.
Friday night I went out with another au pair to an Auckland Blues rugby union game. Since they were competing for the 15th position in the Super15 competition, I wasn't expecting a whole heck of a lot so it was surprising and exciting  for them to win. It was a bit chilly and there was barely a crowd, but it was still a blast.
Saturday was a laid back day with babysitting in the evening. Sunday was also mellow with some family and friends over for afternoon tea and dinner. Yesterday, I took Mackay to the Degas - Dali exhibit  which went pretty well considering how tired he was and that, you know, he is 23months old and maybe hasn't refined his tastes for fine art.

It has rained heavily about a dozen times already today, with wind and a bit of sunshine in between, so I am going to curl up under my duvet and wool blanket for some reading before going back to work this afternoon.
The rest of the week holds rain, with a chance of showers, a parenting workshop put on by Au Pair Link, and some rock climbing.

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