Monday, November 12, 2012

Here and Back again

A few days back at home... That phrase has more meaning to now then it has ever before: I returned to my home town, I returned to the places my family and loved ones are from and resides, my heart spent some time in the most comfortable oasis I could find, and currently I am back to my normal life, with all its loved ones too.
It has been and I am expecting it to continue to be a trying term in my life. Well I it really is all relative to perspective: until a few weeks ago I thought I was overwhelmed, now I know that that was a calm. But that is gone, without having appreciated the ease of breathes, and this new setting of emotions is upon me.
Grief, time travel, celebration, struggle, embrace, counter- culture shock, and most of all love has encircled me.
The quantity of time with loved ones is never enough to satiate and the quality rarely seems enough to make up for it.
Only 1/3 of my boarding passes
I am trying to stay focused, patient (with my self), and remember to do "normal" when I can't do anything else. Further I do know that challenges present themselves not to spurn happiness, but to encourage growth and enlightenment (even if it seems far away).
It was an accidental benefit that I had already planned to attend the theatre production of Mary Poppins the day I arrived back in Auckland. Despite the jet lag it was phenomenal- the sets and lighting took a lovely story, with highly aspiring performers to an enchanting level.

Plus I was able to participate
 in Halloween celebrations!

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