Sunday, October 21, 2012

Labour Weekend

  Like so many other political and social aspects of New Zealand, it was an international leader for Labour Day. First starting the people and union's parades to legalise the eight-hour work day and forty-hour work week back in 1840, I am reaping the benefits this weekend. Labour Day weekend is also the unofficial start of summer here, though it could be a spoof as all it has done the entire day is pour down rain.

  Thankfully I did have a chance to get in a hike around Lake Wainamu in the Waitakeres last weekend. Sand dunes were the biggest surprise of our rather muddy and extremely windy expedition into the bush.

Otherwise not much new has happened or excited my days of child care other than a new tooth here, a tantrum there, and cuddles most everywhere (well sometimes). It seems like daily life has taken over again and in that strange way that it fills everyday with something, though the details seem to fade into one another. I am still immensely grateful for the experiences I am learning from whether I full realize them or not. My future hasn't changed from its lovely opaque self, but it is possible I have come to appreciate it more.

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