Thursday, July 5, 2012

Making plans and trying first

My routines for better or worse are pretty set these days. Life is full of new things, but they don't stick out as much as they used to. When I don't notice and appreciate these newfangled gifts whether they be words, foods, experiences, whatever, I find that I often become bored and apathetic for no reason other than I am not striving not to... so I am working on seeing the "new and firsts."
I tried black pudding (google it if you don't know - I don't want to explain) for the first time last weekend. It was served with a potato and parmesan cake with a delicious hollandaise. I wouldn't say it was my favorite thing, but also wouldn't steer away from it on a menu if it looked good again.
  It doesn't seem possible that I am almost half way through my year - I still have so much to see and do!! As I consider how much time I have left and the growing list of places and things to do I am realizing I have to get planning. I am going back to Wellington the first weekend of August and Coromandel in September, possibly Tongariro Crossing again (with a few more stops added) in late Spring, and Milford Sound in the Summer. That still leaves the East Coast and almost all of the South Island to be explored. The planning does make the experiences more exciting and helps me get through those days where there is more screaming and crying than I care to share. Still no plans for next year, though I highly doubt I will be back home for long (whenever that may be), before jet setting off somewhere else. The travel bug has said to be contagious and along with about half a dozen colds, I seem to have caught it since I arriving here.

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