Wednesday, June 6, 2012

the Queen's Birthday and Moo's too

Things have been noisy, busy and a bit precious this past week or so and I am feeling a bit worn, but in a mostly good way. I babysat Friday, which is becoming one of my favorite things to do on a weekend night as it is the only time I ever have a chance to make myself a nice meal, sit down and watch a movie - as both kids are a sleep by 7pm. I so rarely give myself permission to just sit down and relax, and there isn't really much else to do on a Friday night when you are "stuck" at home with kids.
Saturday I returned to conquer that trail I lost last week. We tacked on another track to it and spent about 3 1/2 hours hiking about 15km through some beautiful forested brush of Waitakare. We then went out for mussels and a few beers at the Belgium Beer Cafe in Mission Bay. There's nothing quite like a great beer after a long day out hiking.
The Auckland Warriors were beaten by the Melbourne Storm on Sunday which was disappointing, but still a fabulous game for me to accompany Andrew and Mackay to. We had incredible seats and feed some delicious food as we were in the cooperate box seating. There was really no better way to get me into liking League, but I am not a convert fro Union, yet.
It was the Queen's Birthday weekend (its her Diamond Jubilee this year too), so there was a three-day weekend here in the Commonwealth. Mackay's birthday (2!)was on Tuesday so Monday was a perfect day to have all the extended family over for a celebration. Andrea made this incredible Thomas the Tank Engine cake and we stuffed ourselves with chicken nibbles, sausage rolls, and other New Zealand classic party snacks.

Its the beginning of Winter
With relatives coming and going and hyped up kiddo this week I will be happy to have a somewhat relaxed weekend this as I am headed to Wellington at the end of next week.

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