Saturday, February 18, 2012


Taking care of children is hard work.

I am tired.

The week starts all over again tomorrow... I hope I am ready.

That being said, this week was lovely, spending so much time w/Mackay and really feeling like I was helping and being needed is a wonderful feeling. We did stick to our routine as much as possible and he was just a rock star when you consider how different and difficult the week was w/o mummy and daddy around. He is really starting to understand the position I play in his life which is amazing and sometimes frustrating for both of us, though definitely comes with the territory.
Baby Mia Johanna joined us on Tuesday the 14th at 0849 coming in at 50 cm and 3200grams = 19.6 inches and 7lbs 1 oz and healthy!!!! I am totally in love with her already. The c-section went well, but unfortunately Andrea lost a lot of blood during the procedure and post-op and ended up needing a blood transfusion yesterday. All the same baby and mommy were able to come home yesterday!
Mackay adores his sister. He constantly wants to hold and pick her up, which is tricky since she is so floppy, but a great sign of how loving he will be with her.

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