Saturday, February 11, 2012

Beached as

I don't know why posting is a little intimidating. I think its may be because I feel like I have to get everything I been doing and thinking about for the past week packed into one post and I don't like writing all that much. Hopefully practice will help. 
First off I have some super amazing youtubes to share if you are at all interested. Look up "Laughing Baby - a peapod moment" or the likes to see Mackay laughing his head off at Andrew feeding their dog Shelly. Andrea is a distributor for peapods reusable nappies so there are a few other peapod commericals on youtube starring Mackay. This video is sure to make you smile, everytime. It is a bit old so he actually does look quite different now: obviously bigger, blonde hair, more teeth, ect. 
The other you tube video is called "beached as" and is just a funny clip of New Zealand slang, it was a HUGE hit here a bit ago. 

 We do have a pet. His name is Rusty or if your Mackay "Ruthy." He is really well managed (no litter box needed - wahoo) and very sweet. They did have two large dogs (Shelly and Bianca) until a few weeks before I came, but due to the increased household and there general needs for attention they have been pawned off on Andrew's parents.

Another great week has passed. I am now driving (on the LEFT) which is strange to say the least but I am getting the hang of it. After a few practice runs with Andrew and then Andrea they are letting me our on my own and with Mackay. I was really starting to get the hang of our schedule and Friday was an awesome day for the two of us. We went to an Au Pair Link playgroup in Orakei (20-25 minute drive to the east side of Auckland in the morning and played in the pool in the afternoon. He was pretty cuddly all day and his listening skills were at their peak - again it was wonderful! Also last Monday I made my mother's famous (or least  my favorite) banana chocolate chip muffins. They were gone in like two days!
Yesterday was a big adventure day as I went with Au Pair Link (my placement company if I haven't already said that) to Rangitoto Island. It is an extinct volcano that is about a 35 minute ferry ride from Auckland Terminal Harbor. Once on the island the hike up is about an hour and usually had an incredible (!!) view back towards Auckland, all they bays and many near islands. I didn't get to see much of the 360 degree view since rained/misted/fogged all morning. All the same the hike was great and all the green luscious forest was really fun to go through. 

As it does here (like in CO), give it a few hours and the weather is completely different. By the time we were back on the early ferry to Auckland the clouds started to clear up and I did manage to snap a picture of the Auckland skyline from the water. With one of the other Au Pairs, I went to Mission Bay, an eastern suburb of Auckland and one of the nicest beaches in the area, to have my first NZ swim in the Pacific. The afternoon was absolutely beautiful weather and we sat on the beach for much of the pm. 

Andrea's mom is in today to help out for the week as baby is due in two days! Mackay and I are going to try our best to stay with our routine this week so the Sandringham Au Pair Link playgroup is tomorrow. I am off to make some banana bread (yes we did let a few bananas go past their date so the freezer is a bit full of them) and then have a relaxing afternoon. 

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