Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Week One

So when you travel half way around the world companies like google and the bank and your phone ect... think something went terribly wrong and assume you have been hijacked and the only way to save you is to not let you have access to any of these things. its really considerate of them if you think about it as a rescue mission. i did let my bank and phone people know I was leaving, but I didn't tell their internet people. my bad. so first i had to verify my online profiles which were all pretty easy except gmail. They wanted to call my cell phone or text me and I don't currently have a phone.... anyways its been a process to get back into my email and my blog but all is well now.

My first few days in NZ were very mellow and relaxing. The plane rides went well, though packing all of my life into two suitcases and a backpack was less fun, especially dragging them around all the airports. I was lucky enough to sleep really pretty well on the 13 hour flight over and was happy to have open seats next to me so I could almost sit comfortably. The Holiday Inn Auckland was very accommodating to my 5 am arrival. I took a job on the treadmill as I was very sore, showered (thank goodness!) and took a short name. I decided to go for a little walk as I had nothing to do until the next day. Walking through the industrial airport section of Auckland is actually very nice considering I didn't know where I was or where I was going and the weather was amazing. High 70s with a cool breeze sun and partly cloudy.... I did get sunburn.
Once I was back at the hotel a few hours later I read, ate a ymmy Hawaiian pizza and a beer and went to bed.
Wednesday the other au pairs starting arriving and a few of us walked 1/2 hour to Villa Maria Winery (google it).
Thursday and Friday were training days - all pretty educating and entertaining. Friday afternoon Andrew picked me up and we headed downtown to home and had a lovely dinner.

There is no way I could say enough about how much I adore Andrea, Andrew, Mackay and soon to be baby, so I am not going to try (for now at least). I also very much want to protect their privacy and the likes so I am not sure how much I may include.

We went to Waiheke Island  and stayed a beach house that had it's own cove - absolutely amazing and my profile picture. Andrew's parents joined us and we all had a great, beautiful, relaxing, fun weekend.
Monday was Auckland Annivery Day so we stayed sat-tues. So today is kinda my first normal day of "work."

Everything and everyone has been amazingly helpful and kind; I couldn't ask for a better start.

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